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About Deloitte OnLine and eRoom

Deloitte OnLine has two components: collaboration and knowledge Delivery and Tools. In this online help, Deloitte OnLine collaboration (eRooms) will be referred to as simply Deloitte OnLine. Deloitte OnLine provides shared, secure workspaces on the Web for distributed project teams to do their work. Deloitte OnLine enables your team to discuss ideas, share information, and make decisions, all within a central location.

Members, roles and groups

Anyone who uses Deloitte OnLine is an eRoom member. You might belong to several rooms, and in each room, you have a set of rights according to your member role in that particular room. Your role determines your level of participation, or rights, in the room. There are four roles in Deloitte OnLine: extranet manager, room coordinator, participant and observer.

See also: Glossary for definitions of each role

Those in the extranet manager role have "create eRooms" permission. This allows extranet managers to create eRooms for projects. When you create an eRoom, you become its room coordinator. As a room coordinator, you assign roles when you choose members or add members to your eRoom. You can also change member roles later.

See also: Custom roles

Custom groups provide a way to organize sets of members. For example, you might belong to the "Sales" group. As a member of that group, you are automatically a member of any eRoom to which the Sales group belongs.

System structure

Each site is divided into communities of eRooms and/or members. Your site might have many communities, and you can belong to several. You can also belong to communities on more than one site.   

Communities might be organized according to project, for example, and only the people working on the same project are in the same community. Or, they might be organized by client, department, or geographic location, among other categories. If you contribute to multiple projects, work with other departments, or collaborate with people on different continents, for example, you may participate in multiple communities.

My eRooms

When you log in to Deloitte OnLine, the My eRooms page provides access to all the rooms, in all communities on a particular site where you have membership. If you have access to more than one site, you will see more than one tab (with site names) at the top of the page. To see a list of your rooms on a particular site, click on the appropriate tab.

To open your My eRooms page, do one of the following:

My eRooms is divided into sections.

From your My eRooms page, you can

To organize the Active eRooms section of My eRooms:

  1. From My eRooms, click to open the "Organize My eRooms" page.

Note: You can also remove an eRoom from the "Active eRooms" section by clearing its check box in the "All My eRooms" section.

  1. Click "OK" when you finish arranging your list of active eRooms.

For more information

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